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The 220,000 square foot Railex Refrigerated Warehouse Facility is located in Rotterdam, New York.

The Railex Refrigerated Warehouse Facility acts as an end point on a 3,000-mile route of a weekly 55-car produce express train between Wallula, Washington and Rotterdam, New York. Until this project was completed the fastest freight trains took up to nine days to go from coast to coast.  This trip can now be completed in five days.  Each 55-car train carries the equivalent of 220 tractor-trailer trucks.  The train consists of all new 64-foot series cars with fresh air exchange, GPS tracking and temperature control.

The building measures approximately 1,100-feet by 197-feet plus an approximately 12,000 square foot office building.  The building contains railcar access to an enclosed, temperature controlled loading dock, truck loading docks, refrigerated cooler structures, and a packing floor for produce maneuvered by forklifts.

The project was completed in approximately 10 months at the constructed cost of approximately $18 million, plus another $2.7 million in state-funded rail track improvements.

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