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This  project  involved  the  completion  of  a  comprehensive  structural  condition  assessment  of  the existing  Parlor  porch  truss  that  is  located  at  the  east  side  of  the  Central  Building  at  the  historic Mohonk Mountain  House.  The  initial structural condition  assessment was completed  in  the  Fall of 2012.   The  truss structure supports the  parlor porch as well as two additional floor levels and the roof structure of the timber framed hotel building.  The truss spans approximately 90-feet across the waters of Lake Mohonk.  As a result of the  structural condition  assessment it was determined that numerous  truss  members  and  connections  were  in  need  of  structural  rehabilitation  to  address problems  such  as  severe  steel  deterioration  and  a  failing  paint  system.    Structural  repairs  were made  to  the  end  bottom  chord  and  end  diagonal  members,  on  each  end of  the  truss,  as  well  as numerous  other  truss  framing  components  and  their  connections.    A  complex  system  of  temporary shoring was used to  facilitate  temporary shoring of the  truss while  structural components could be replaced.    Truss  deflection  and  load  levels  were  closely  monitored each  day  during  the  course  of construction.    During  construction,  the  Parlor  Porch  remained  operational.    The  project  was successfully completed in the Spring of 2016.

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