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The  Central  Utility  Building  (CUB)  houses  electrical  and  HVAC  equipment  and  services,  as  well  as process equipment which serve the main SUNY CNSE campus.  The building has been built in three phases as the  campus has expanded.  Longtin  Engineering is the Structural Engineer of Record  for the second phase of the CUB expansion and provided consulting structural engineering services for the third phase addition.  The second phase addition has the following notable features:

  • Steel framed building utilizing composite steel/concrete floors and steel braced frames.
  • Amongst  other  components  the  building  structure  supports  components  such  as  large process vessels, storage tanks, a series of boilers, chillers and cooling towers.
  • The wall framing system is comprised of horizontal steel girts supporting 4” insulated metal panels which eliminate the need for additional in wall insulation.
  • The building gross area is Approximately 22,000 square feet.
  • 18”  thickened  slabs  on  grade  were  used  to  support  250,000  pound  two-story  process vessels as well as numerous other process equipment.
  • Complex steel floor and roof framing was used to support piping and equipment weighing up to 65,000 lbs.
  • Approximate constructed cost of the phase two expansion is $15 million.

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