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The  expansion  of  24  Corporate  Circle  spanned  a  number  of  years  and  included a  total  of  four phases.    The  overall  expansion  added  a  total  of  90,000  SF  to  AMR’s  space  at  a  total  cost  of  $16 million.    The  expansions  expanded  Albany  Molecular’s  capabilities  with  new  wet  bench  chemistry laboratories,  GMP  laboratory,  research  laboratories,  development  laboratories,  QA/QC  labs,  solvent storage rooms and employee support spaces, offices, elevator and mechanical building.  

The  final phase  of the  project, pictured here  was the  design  and renovation of the  corporate  lobby.  This space gave Albany Molecular a new look corporate look to match it’s new facility.  The complete space  was  renovated,  down  to  the  new  tables  and  a  complete  color  scheme  was  created  for  the company.

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